Nolana paradoxa
‘Blue Bird’’

This rare and “never heard of it” flower hailing from Chile deserves to be in everyone's garden! It offers gorgeous, true blue, open-faced trumpet flowers that are an impressive 3” across. Each flower has a white center ring and a yellow throat. A 4-6” high vining plant with succulent stems, it is both hardy and drought tolerant. Use in a hanging basket, as a ground cover for a dry, sunny spot, or feature it in a decorative pot on a window ledge. Hard to believe that a plant with such gorgeous flowers could be so versatile, but you can use this annual anywhere you please, including as an edging for a pathway. It just needs sun, a little water and good drainage. Depending on when they're planted, specimens will bloom either in spring or summer. Deadheading prolongs blooming. We're not sure if hummers will come a-calling, but bees will surely check out these flowers. Drought tolerant. DEER RESISTANT

Curious Plantsman

Low Water

USDA zones All