‘Strawberry Fields’

One can never have too many California poppies, as this lovely new variety in the Thai Silk series makes beautifully apparent. The papery, pleated flowers are a burnt red with yellow centers, making this one of the most dramatic of all our native poppies. It features the familiar wandering stems, to 15” wide, each clothed in ferny foliage. 'Strawberry Fields' establishes quickly & is very drought tolerant, happily using all the sun & heat you can provide. Honey bees, bumblebees & sweat bees all seek its nectar while some local butterflies will also seek out this nutrition. This poppy is ideal for adding color to a dry garden bed. It also adds pizzazz to a mixed container planting. Plant in any fast-draining soil in full sun. Though not as prolific a self-seeder as the orange-flowering straight species, this annual will likely produce new babies come next spring. A flower to make John Lennon proud!                    

Curious Plantsman

Full Sun
Low Water

CA Native Annual
USDA zones ALL