Clarkia amoena

This brilliant red “Godetia” is a stunner in bloom! Intense scarlet, with a thin pink border on each petal, leading to a pink heart, it might be the showiest of all Clarkias. This California native wildflower bursts into bloom in spring, or about a month after planting, & offers up 6” wide clusters of open-faced 2” flowers. Blooming normally from May to July, even one plant puts on a dazzling show & when massed, they set that bed ablaze with color. Finely dissected green leaves offer a soothing support & can reach 24” H x 30” W. Use this showy annual wherever you want a splash of brilliant scarlet, in a natives only bed or in a sunny dry garden bed. Once established this Clarkia is surprisingly drought tolerant. This annual is likely to reseed so make sure you leave it intact until it produces seed. Attracts bees & especially butterflies!               

Curious Plantsman

Full Sun
Low Water

CA Native Annual
USDA zones All