Gilia tricolor

The flowers on this delicate, 2' high California native are one of the prettiest of any native wildfower! A chance seedling of the straight species, it features white petals instead of pale pink with beautiful creamy yellow centers. Known as Birds Eyes, this annual first sprouts ferny foliage & then come late spring, slightly overlapping, five-petaled 1/2” flowers. Though mostly one flower per delicate stem, each multi-branching plant produces 100-200 cup-shaped flowers over a 6–8 week season. Bees & butterflies love the flowers, which exude a sweet scent on warm days. Though it looks tender, this Gilia is drought tolerant, able to thrive in a variety of soils & is just as happy in a container as it is in the ground. Plant in full sun to light shade in fertile, well-drained soil. Cut flowers make a great bouquet. May reseed.


Low water

CA Native Annual
USDA all zones