Fuchsia thymifolia

This shrub-type fuchsia is one of the best landscape plants for a part shade location. Growing quickly to a height of 4-5' & a width of 5-7', it showcases tiny green leaves that are a luxurious green. In late spring, it sprouts dozens of nodding, intensely pink 1/2” flowers. As plants mature, there can be up to 100 flowers on the plant at the height of the bloom period. Flowering lasts into the fall. Hummingbirds love the flowers & are regular visitors. Easy to care for & not prone to the fuchsia mite that attacks many hybrids, this handsome shrub is a great performer. Native to the cloud forests of Mexico & north Guatemala, this tender evergreen will need some protection from our winters. In zones 9 & lower, it is best grown in a pot & brought indoors. Grow in fertile, lightly acidic soil in part shade to bright indirect light. Keep well-watered. Mulch roots in the winter.


Sun/Sun Inland
Low water

USDA zones 9-11