This 2018 All American Selections winner, from the FloriGlory series, features especially large and vivid magenta flowers, offset by lustrous dark green foliage. A low growing (8-12”) spreading evergreen, this showy Mexican heather bursts into bloom in summer, soon showering the plant with masses of 1/2” magenta-pink flowers. Don't let its beauty fool you; this Cuphea is drought tolerant, not fussy about soil and usually unbothered by bugs or disease. These qualities make it a landscaper's favorite! Plus, bees love the flowers. Use as a high ground cover in a sunny to part shade location, have it spill out of a standing container or hanging basket or utilize it for a splash of evergreen color in a mixed perennial bed. It is also tough enough to place in a problem area, where it will make itself at home. Plant in full sun to light shade in most kinds of soil. Water to establish then only occasionally. Trim to desired shape. Long lived.

Curious Plantsman

Low Water

USDA zones 8-11