Achillea x kellereri

A natural hybrid from Bulgaria, this unusual & charming miniature yarrow produces masses of white flowers over a carpet of silvery leaves. Clusters of unusually large, pure white flowers are carried well above the foliage on 8-10” stems. This neat perennial forms dense clumps up to one foot across, with narrow, finely divided gray leaves. It expands gradually by rhizomes, eventually forming loose colonies. Very resilient once established, this yarrow needs little water or care. Butterflies are drawn to the nectar-rich flowers.  It’s tough enough to plant in a dry garden, can be used as an eye-catching ground cover or added to an herb garden. Its grayish foliage also adds nice texture wherever it is used. Plant in full sun to light shade in neutral to lightly alkaline soil & provide good drainage. Cut to the ground in winter & top dress with compost. Deer resistant.

Curious Plantsman

Low Water

USDA zones 4-11