Phacelia tanacetifolia
“Lacy Phacelia”

This lesser-known California native Phacelia is one of the very best plants for attracting bees to your garden! It is planted in vineyards & alongside crop fields, where it is valued for its nectar-rich flowers that open in sequence, giving it a long flowering period. Each half inch wide lavender flower has long & pronounced stamen, giving the appearance of cat's whiskers. Its open habit of heavily lobed green leaves leads to its common name. Flowering stems perch above the 2'x2' foliage, producing 2” balls that sprout up to a dozen flowers each. These delicate flowers appear in spring, with the plant's bloom period lasting up to two months. Though it is an annual, it may reseed in your garden. Tolerant of different soils & drought tolerant once established, this is one 'problem area' plant that maybe too beautiful to hide away. Lightly hairy leaves discourage deer.

Curious Plantsman

Full Sun
Low Water

CA Native Annual
USDA zones all