Callistephus chinensis


One of the showiest cut flowers you'll ever grow, this annual aster has the prettiest apricot blooms going. Huge (3-4”) and taking either a double or semi-double form, this prolific bloomer pumps out upward domed flowers from early summer through late fall. Regular deadheading prolongs blooming, making this an excellent plant to grow for showy cut flowers. Quickly forming a 3' tall plant filled with ovate and lightly toothed green leaves, this sun lover is soon budding up. Looking like a smaller Dahlia, which it's related to, yellow centers offset the hundreds of quill-like pink petals. Attracts bees and butterflies. Use this showstopper where you need that wow factor in your garden. Equally at home in the ground or a container, and one of the least fussy plants you'll grow, this aster just improves any location it's added to. Plant in full sun to light shade in fertile well-drained soil. Disease resistant.

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