‘Hummingbird's Lunch’

From its debut in 2020, this colorful Aussie Cuphea has been wowing gardeners. Weighing in at a tidy 2' tall by 3' wide, come summer it puts out an endless parade of inch and a half reddish pink tubular flowers, each capped with yellow at the tips and with burgundy throats. Nectar rich, the flowers attract scads of hummers, as well as bees and butterflies. Blooming continues nonstop until first frost. Dark green leaves add a pleasing contrast. This low maintenance shrub is a great addition to any pollinator garden or just a way to add dazzling color to a sunny bed. This firecracker plant is happy in a container, giving you the luxury of locating it for maximum visual effect. Happy in sun or light shade and very drought tolerant, this cuphea can also handle a variety of soils. Trim to desired shape.

Curious Plantsman

Avg./Low Water

Perennial Shrub
USDA Zones 8-11
(USPP# 32,525)