Fagopyrum esculentum
‘Takane Ruby Buckwheat’

It's not often you get a chance to grow a superfood but that's exactly what this rare form of buckwheat is. First discovered by a Japanese professor growing at 12,000' elevation in the Himalayas, this brilliant red-flowering buckwheat is wonderfully useful. But a superfood? Yes. Honey from bees who fed on this buckwheat was found to have 100 times the antioxidant effect of regular honey! Harvested seed can also be sprouted for a highly nutritious micro-green. Plants are comprised of heart-shaped, bright green leaves and at maturity plants are 3' tall x 4' wide. A durable plant, this buckwheat uses a primary taproot to source water deep in the soil. The summer clusters of tiny red flowers seem to sprout directly from the leaves, giving this vigorous annual a distinctive look. Butterflies may also seek out the nutritious flowers. Makes an excellent cover crop. Plant in full sun to light shade and water deeply but infrequently once established. Self-seeds.

Curious Plantsman

Full Sun
Avg./Low Water

Annual Edible
All USDA zones
drought tolerant