Dracocephalum wendleboi

This oh-so-rare member of the mint family is best known for its whorls of tubular bluish-purple flowers. These are held on sturdy reddish stems, above 18” tall scented foliage composed of rounded green leaves. These whorls sprout up to 15 inch-long, two-lipped fragrant flowers reminiscent of Salvia patens. Flowering begins in mid-summer and attracts both bees and hummingbirds. This herbaceous perennial likes moist but well-drained soil and full sun to light shade. Use wherever you want a splash of purple, be that in a sunny bed or in a container. It is very cold hardy but does not like to be constantly wet, especially in winter. Be the first gardener on your block to say “Oh, have you seen my Dragonhead?!”

Curious Plantsman

Average Water

USDA Zones 3-11