Keeping Honey Bees
By Malcolm T. Sanford

Dr. Sanford, professor emeritus at the University of Florida, literally wrote the book (and the Apis Information Resource News), on that favorite pollinator:  the honeybee.  Having spent much of his career as a Cooperative Extension bee specialist in both Ohio and Florida, Sanford knows the questions and challenges that beekeepers, both experienced and novice, face and has answers drawn from over 40 years of experience and advice giving.  This practical manual offers the tools you’ll need to get your hives established and thriving, along with the signs to recognize and treat hive problems.  He also elucidates the history of beekeeping, offers insights into working with bee society and points to the key features when choosing a site for successful hives in cities and on farms.  Basically, a comprehensive, informative and approachable handbook, he even walks you through collecting and storing your honey.  With this book as a guide, and maybe some of Annie’s bee friendly plants, you can start a pollinator revolution!

257 pages