Under the Spell of Succulents: 
A Sampler of the Diversity of Succulents in Cultivation
By Jeff Moore

We know there are a lot of succulent books out there, in fact Jeff wrote 3 of them, and we all love succulents and appreciate learning about them.  But Jeff Moore, succulent wizard, and founder/owner of legacy nursery Solano Succulents (established in 1992, it is one of our fellow long-standing independent nurseries) brings a unique focus to specifically those species one can find on offer in the nursery trade.  The wealth of downright mind-blowing photographs will bewitch even the most succulent resistant gardener.  Moore draws us under the spell with gorgeous images of specimen plants, inspiring container subjects and dish gardens.  Curl up with this spellbinding introduction, and look out, succulents could become a life-long obsession.

244 pages