Lazy Ass Gardening: 
Maximize your Soil, Minimize your Toil
By Robert Kourik

Kourik follows up his useful and entertaining books Understanding Roots:  Discover how to Make Your Garden Flourish and Drip Irrigation for Every Landscape and All Climates with Lazy Ass Gardening, which offers knowledgeable and clear guidelines to spending your yard time relaxing among your plants rather than kneeling with your weeding fork or fretting over pests.  Based on 25 years of toil in horticulture, Kourik has the tips and tools you need to create a garden that brings you delight; his down to earth, and kinda funny, writing makes reading the book a pleasure as well.  Our founder Annie Hayes gave it all the stars and a ringing endorsement (from the back cover):
Robert cuts through all of today’s garden-media hype, offering up tried- and-true wisdom based on his 25 years of gardening and landscaping. I love his voice – clever, humorous and thoroughly honest – This book will save you money and years of trial and error! I’ll be giving it to all my nursery employees for all its easy-to- grasp, trustworthy information and tips! A must-read
You heard the lady, a must-read!

240 pages