‘Salmon Baby’

This beautiful new nasturtium features a nearly endless crop of semi-double salmon-orange flowers. With its compact habit (to 12”), it does so neatly, without overrunning your garden. This trailing vine also features dark rounded leaves, providing the perfect backdrop for the dazzling floral show. The ruffled 2” flowers seem to appear almost overnight, making this nasturtium one of the easiest flowers you'll ever grow. It ranks as one of the tastiest too, as the edible flowers (& leaves) have a yummy peppery flavor. It will be equally at home in the ground or in a pot, attracting bees & butterflies no matter its location. Ideal for a hanging basket too. Cuttings can be easily rooted in a glass of water if you want to spread its joy. It can take full sun in cooler areas but wants relief from midday heat where temperatures spike. It likes fertile, well-drained soil. Though an annual, it vigorously self-seeds.


Avg./Low water

USDA all zones