‘Grand Cascade’

Sporting possibly the largest flowering panicles of any Butterfly bush, Grand Cascade is simply stunning when in full bloom. Unlike most Buddlejas, this variety has pronounced arching branches, so heavy when in bloom that they nearly touch the ground. Panicles are 12-14” long and a hefty 4” wide, giving hummers and butterflies an endless supply of yummy nectar. Add in the intense fragrance of the light purple flowers and you have quite possibly the showiest flowering shrub you will ever grow! A cross by Hans Hansen between davidii and lindleyana this beauty forms a 6'H x 8'W shrub with elliptic grayish-green leaves, this fast growing bush fills out quickly. Make sure to plant this where all can see the late summer and fall display. It prefers full sun and some bloom fertilizer when flowering. Deadhead for prolonged blooming. Prune in late winter to maintain a symmetrical look. Excellent as a cut flower.                   

Curious Plantsman

Full Sun
Low Water

USDA zones 5-11
USPP# 30,868