Cosmos bipinnatus

Not the Warrior Princess but a very lovely, multi-colored cosmos for your summer garden. Rosy-red from a distance, up close these 2” flowers display an intriguing mix of raspberry red & terracotta orange on the main petal, burnished with fuchsia-pink tips. Gold centers provide a dramatic contrast, as well as the nectar much sought after by bees & butterflies. At 24-28” tall, a bit shorter than many cosmos, this long blooming variety is equally suited for a container or a sunny bed. Ferny foliage complements the 10” high flowering stems. This variety makes an excellent cut flower & will last a week if harvested just as the petals are unfurling. Use this cosmos wherever you want a bold splash of color. Complements yellow flowers such as Coreopsis, Mimulus, Rudbeckia & Marigold. Plant in full sun in fertile, well-drained soil. Deadheading prolongs blooming. May reseed.

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