Cosmos bipinnatus
‘Fizzy White’

Can the color white be showy? It can and is on this delightful Cosmos. Large, pure white blooms achieve a semi-double appearance with overlapping outer petals and a row of shorter tufted petals at the center. The petals display fine pleats and scalloped edges, looking for all the world like crisply pressed linens. Held aloft on 4' high stems and supported by attractively ferny foliage, the 2.5” flowers are a magnet for bees and especially butterflies. Cosmos Fizzy White also makes an excellent cut flower, adding brilliant whites to a mixed floral arrangement. Easy to grow and blooming nonstop from mid-summer through fall, this lovely cosmos adds cool tones to a sunny bed or makes a vertical statement in a large container. Plant in full sun in fertile, well-drained soil, making sure to leave room for it getting bushy. Deadheading prolongs blooming. May reseed.

Curious Plantsman

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