‘Radiant Rose’

An exciting 2010 entry in the Spotlight series, Radiant Rose lives up to its name, offering the richest rose-pink flowers! Reliably blooming its first year, with satiny, crepe-textured 3” flowers sprouting on multi-branching stems that can reach 6' tall, this drought tolerant, easy-to-grow perennial is a standout in any garden. Pinch to produce more compact and bushy plants. This cottage garden beauty attracts bees, butterflies and hummingbirds and makes a beautiful addition to any cut flower arrangement. A hard prune after the initial summer bloom will reinvigorate the plant and often lead to a second flowering. Did you know that all parts of the hollyhock plant are edible? Use flowers as a garnish or soak leaves to make a refreshing skin treatment. Plant in full sun in fertile, well-drained soil. Treat any rust spots with organic copper fungicide. May self-seed.

Curious Plantsman

Full Sun
Avg/Low Water

USDA Zones 3-10a