‘Chater’s Double Maroon’

Six inch, double, deep maroon flowers are the calling card of this showy hollyhock. Sprouting on multi-branched 5-7' high stalks clothed in textured green leaves, these satiny flowers attract bees and butterflies, as well as all your neighbors! Flowers feature larger outer petals and small, ruffled inner sepals, giving each bloom an architectural look. Cutting plants to the ground after the initial summer bloom will reinvigorate the plant and often lead to a second flowering. With its upright habit, this hollyhock is an ideal choice for the back of a sunny bed. Lower perennials planted in front can hide the bare lower part of the plant. This hollyhock also makes a wonderful cut flower. Did you know that all parts of the hollyhock plant are edible? Sprinkle flowers on a salad or soak leaves to make a refreshing skin treatment. Plant in full sun in fertile, well-drained soil. Treat any rust spots with organic copper fungicide. May self-seed.

Curious Plantsman

Full Sun
Average Water

USDA Zones 3-10a