Clarkia tenella

This rare Clarkia hailing from Chile is a low scrambling species with lovely lavender-pink, cupped flowers all spring & early summer. Narrow, linear green leaves sprout from red stems, on plants that range in height between 10 & 24” tall. Opening in succession from mid-spring onward, the inch & a half wide flowers have a bit of white at the center & attract both bees & butterflies. A perennial species, it is hardy down to 20 degrees F, this unusual Clarkia is perfect for a sunny, dry garden bed or for spilling over a low rock wall. Their loose open habit adds a bit of attractive wildness to any garden & it complements such blue annuals such as Echium Blue Bedder, Blue Gilia, Love-in-a-Mist & Arroyo Lupine. Tolerant of many soils & very drought tolerant, this is one of the easiest spring wildflowers to add to your garden. May reseed. Deer resistant.

Curious Plantsman

Low Water

USDA zones 8-11