Clarkia gracilis
ssp. tracyi

Photo by Ginny Hunt

This delightful & very rare native clarkia inhabits only inland areas of our northern coast ranges & is almost impossible to find in the trade. It showcases exceptionally pretty, cup-shaped flowers that have lilac-pink petals, inner patches of white & an eye-catching red center ring. First forming an 12-24” tall plant with narrow & linear green leaves, come spring this native wildflower puts on a stunning floral display. Even grown in the garden, it retains some of its wildness, with thin branches that wander. Give this native annual lots of sun, well-drained soil & just a small amount of water & it will reward you with flowers all summer long. Flowers are a favorite destination of bees & butterflies & will likely self-seed in your garden. Perfect for adding color to a dry garden plot, where along with perennial Mimulus, it adds flower power to Aloes & a variety of succulents.

Curious Plantsman

Full Sun
Avg./No Summer Water

CA Native Annual
All Zones