Clarkia unguiculata
‘Woodland Clarkia’

Photo by Eric S.F.

This California native species Clarkia offers up one of the showiest & most unique flowers in the genus. The 3” flowers are comprised of four paddle-like 1” petals, each a rich fuchsia purple. Red 'stems' connect them to a red cup at the center & each flower features a prominent white stigma. Plants first produce thin waxy stems occasionally dotted with narrow, grayish-green leaves. Reaching 2-3' tall with an open habit, this annual clarkia is found in chaparral, valley grasslands & central oak woodlands. Best planted in drifts for maximum effect, this summer-long blooming clarkia is sure to attract lots of native bees. Plant in full sun in well-drained soil. Looks great planted with yellow-blooming natives such as Tidy Tips, Cream Cups & Meadow Foam. Readily self-seeds.

Curious Plantsman

Full Sun
Avg./No Summer Water

CA Native Annual
USDA zones All