‘Melanie’s Marvelous Mizuna Medley’

Our very own collection of three outstanding Mizuna varieties. They offer a delightful mix of greens, purples and red-stemmed choices. Start with 'Miz America,' which produces deep burgundy-red foliage. The handsome, deeply lobed leaves offer the same striking color on the backsides, have a uniform leaf size and shape and an intriguing though mild flavor. 'Central Red' is a fine-leaf mizuna with bright, wine-red veins and stems. Vigorous and fast growing with deeply serrated, bright green leaves. 'Asian Green' is a fast-growing mizuna with classic serrated leaves and a yummy mild flavor. Matures in 40 days, with baby leaves ready to harvest in 18. Plant in sun to light shade and water regularly during the growing season. Protect from birds and snails.

Curious Plantsman

Sun/Part Sun
Average Water

Annual Vegetable
All USDA zones