Digitalis purpurea
‘Sugar Plum’

This incredibly showy foxglove displays the most vivid pink and purple bell-shaped flowers of any found in the species. A rich pink on the outside, these nearly two inch wide flowers are a saturated burgundy-purple on the inner throats. That same color provides additional speckling on the sides, making this one of the most flamboyant foxgloves one can grow. Plants first form rosettes of downy, oval green leaves and then come early summer send up thick spikes crowded with flowers much beloved by hummers and bees. This foxglove is perfect for adding a vertical element to a part shady bed, as well adding pizzazz to a woodland bed. It's a wonderful addition to a pollinator garden and is valuable for those dealing with deer, as they will avoid it. Looks nice planted in drifts but can also spruce up a large container. Short-lived but gorgeous. May reseed.

Curious Plantsman

Low Water

USDA zones 5-11