Digitalis hybrida
‘Candy Mountain’

This gorgeous foxglove is a trailblazer. It is the very first foxglove to feature upward-facing flowers! This allows gardeners to more fully enjoy the ascending rows of rich, orchid-pink, bell-shaped flowers. White-speckled throats add a contrast but also serve the purpose of directing bees and hummers inside the inch and a half flowers. Bloom spikes are produced on very strong 3-4' tall upright stems in early summer and keep coming for months. Plants first form two foot tall rosettes of downy, oblong green leaves. Foxgloves are a great way to add a vertical element to a mixed sun and shade location. They provide a nice backdrop for shorter perennials, add pizzazz in front of a fence and spice up a woodland bed. Plant in fertile, well-drained soil in morning sun to bright shade. Deadhead for a repeat blooming and remove all bloom spikes in late fall. Lovely as a cut flower. Most decidedly deer proof!

Curious Plantsman

Average Water

USDA zones 4-11