Agave bracteosa
"Squid Agave"

Photo by Salicyna

A completely poke-less Agave you don’t have to hide away from kids or walkways. Reaching 2-3’ high and wide, its slender green leaves arch and twist, lending this species the common name of “Squid Agave.” Once fully mature, it produces a 3-5’ tall study bloom spike, with a dense cluster of creamy, bottlebrush-like flowers much beloved by hummers and bees. Though the main plant dies after blooming, it will almost certainly have produced many pups long before this event. A great architectural plant for the dry garden, it commands attention wherever it’s positioned – including in a large container. Plant in fast-draining, lightly alkaline soil. Avoid watering during the cold season. Pups can be used to start new plants. Very cold hardy and not usually bothered by deer.

Curious Plantsman

Full Sun
Low Water

Perennial Succulent
USDA Zones 7-11