Hardenbergia violacea

This Hardenbergia variety, hailing from Australia, is considered more of a ground cover than a climber. And unlike the more common Happy Wanderer, it stays evergreen. First leafing out in spring with 2-3” long grayish-green oblong leaves on slender vining branches, by early summer plants are populated with 1/2” pea-shaped purple flowers, each with a chartreuse eye. Mature plants will be smothered in wisteria-like clusters, making for a spectacular summer show. Left alone, this hardy vine will crawl along the ground for up to 8' but it can also be trained on a trellis. Even so, densest growth will be at the base. This variety can take sun on the coast but wants shade in hotter inland zones. Drought tolerant once established, it is generally disease and insect free. Prune to shape and mulch the base in winter. Tolerant of sandy or clayish soils.

Curious Plantsman

Avg/Low Water

Perennial Vine
USDA zones 9-11
(USPP #25,657)