Photo by Dan Keck

This striking & unusual African lily has gorgeous, flared trumpet flowers that are white inside with deep purple backing at the base. Rising on sturdy 3-4' high stalks, 6-8” wide umbels of up to a dozen flowers put on an eye-catching show from mid-summer well into the fall. The mass of bicolored 2” flowers not only light up a partial shade bed but attract bees & hummingbirds. Plants first produce 2' high clumps of green, strap-shaped leaves. This 'Twister' looks great planted in swaths, makes an excellent vertical element in containers & is ideal for use as a cut flower. Though tough as nails, this variety will want regular water in summer to look its best. A versatile performer, it can handle sun or shade, poor soils or clay, & still make a healthy stand over time. Clean up in winter & bait for snails as needed. Deer resistant.

Curious Plantsman

Low Water

USDA zones 7-11