'California Sunrise'

If you love Mimulus, but are looking for one-of-a-kind colors, look no further! We are excited to introduce a rare new native cultivar, unique to Annie’s, with a gorgeous combination of hues worthy of its name: ’California Sunrise’. This special flowering shrub has long, light-maroon trumpets widely flared with an ombre of bright peachy to orange frills. The white throat striped with bright orange nectar guides, entices pollinators nearly year-round in mild climates, where the biggest show is in late winter or early spring, providing an important source of nectar when not much else is in full bloom. In more extreme climates ‘California Sunrise’ will bloom Spring through Fall. Not too picky about planting sites, it can handle part shade or full sun, especially along the coast. Well-draining soil is best, and with careful summer watering it can grow to a mounding shrub of around 3 feet high and wide. Suitable for large containers, it can be kept neat and tidy with yearly pruning and a light application of fertilizer or compost. Deer and other herbivores generally leave the slightly tacky foliage alone, but its blooms are a big hit with beneficial insects, hummingbirds, and humans in need of a personal sunrise all day long!

Gabi G,

Avg/Low Water

CA Native Perennial
USDA Zones 7-10