Begonia coccinea
“Angel Wing Begonia”

Photo Courtesy Gardenology

This is one striking begonia where the leaves might just be the star attraction. Large, angelwing-like green leaves are speckled, polka-dotted, banded or splotched in various colors, including metallic silver. Deeply etched, lightly folded, often with red undersides, these 6-8” long leaves are truly unique. Not to be outdone, heavy clusters of dangling, 1/2” pink flowers populate the plant in late summer. Members of the fibrous cane begonia group, angel wings are upright growing plants with thick canes or stems that can reach 2' in height. Outdoors, they prefer bright shade and mild winters. Best grown in a pot or hanging basket, they benefit from regular pruning. Pinch back the top growing shoots to promote bushiness. Native to South America, this begonia makes a wonderful houseplant. Inside, give it bright indirect light and only water when the soil is dry. NB This plant is toxic to cats and dogs.

Curious Plantsman

Average Water

USDA zones 10-11