Heuchera sp.
‘Hot Pink’

The most brilliant hot pink blooms! Rising high above the foliage on a multitude of narrow, pink-blushed, 12-18” high wands in late Spring, the clusters of tiny, brightest-pink blooms provide a gorgeous pop of color as well as texture and movement. They’re also great for attracting hummingbirds! The low-growing foliage Forms a dense mound of lightly scalloped, mid-green leaves 4-8” high and 10-12” in width. It makes a perfect addition to a sunny coastal garden, or a shady inland garden and can make do in crowded spaces or with poorish soil. It’s also ideal featured in a compact container. It likes fast draining soil, and just enough water to keep it fresh. Very showy planted in a group! Deer resistant.

Plant Whisperer

Avg./Low Water

USDA zones 8-11