Delphinium mirabile

A fabulous, SUPER RARE Delphinium hailing all the way from Russia. Blooming twice in a season with gorgeous electric blue, 2” flowers held loosely on multiple 5’ tall stalks. It really blew our socks off! Blooms boast a distinctive spur in back and a black central “bee” in front. The first round of bloom starts in late Spring, once it’s done, cut plants back to 6”, give them a little balanced fertilizer to prepare for round II. Makes a nice, see-thru vertical element and the big ol’ blooms are amazing in oversized bouquets - bees and hummers love them too. Tough, mildew-resistant and long lived. Plant in fertile well-drained soil. Dies back to the ground in Winter, returning in Spring. Deer resistant.

Curious Plantsman

Average Water

USDA zones 3-11