Tweedia caerulea
‘Heaven Born’

Photo by Joel Ignacio

A “Milkweed” cousin grown for its sky blue, 1”, star-shaped flowers borne in loose clusters all Summer long! Popular & long lasting as cut flowers, they’re also loved by bees. AND, it’s also a host plant for Monarch butterflies! This twining subshrub from Brazil & Uruguay typically reaches 2-3’ high & wide. Leaves are gray-green & downy with a pretty, elongated heart shape – they turn a showy red in Autumn. Best planted in well-drained soil with protection from strong winds. Hardy & evergreen in milder parts of the Bay Area, but not always long lived. Can be grown in a container & over-Wintered indoors where not hardy, or simply grown as an annual. Prune back in Fall to encourage a bushier habit.

Curious Plantsman

Average Water

Perennial Shrub
USDA zones 8-11
(annual elsewhere)