Lupinus rivularis
"Riverbank Lupine"

Two-toned lavender and purple flowers on 1’ tall vertical spikes from May to September! Unlike many “bedding” lupines this species is durable, fast-growing, and makes a great choice for erosion-prone areas that need quick stabilization – especially along streambeds or other moist areas. Reaching 3’ high and 1.5” wide, this evergreen sub-shrub provides a dense show of blooming skyscrapers that make bees dance in ecstasy. The verdant foliage is comprised of attractive, green palmate leaves on reddish-brown stems. After flowering, plants produce interesting 2-3” legume-like seedpods. Found at low elevations near marshes, stream banks and moist meadows from southern British Columbia all the way down to Pt. Reyes, CA. Plant in fertile, evenly moist soil. Deer resistant. Short-lived perennial. Makes a nice cut flower!

Curious Plantsman

Avg. Water/Moist

CA Native Perennial
USDA zones 7-9