Annie’s Gardening Merit Badges
Steal A Cutting

These fun and collectible embroidered iron-on patches are for all of those gardening achievements we’ve made over the years where we’ve said: “We need a badge for that!” (Send us your funny achievement ideas and we’ll make more!)

This badge goes out to all you renegade gardeners who never leave home without a pair of clippers, a sharpie, and at least 3 Ziplock bags containing moist paper towels – gotta keep those cuttings moist! And, let's be honest, your daily walks are actually full-on reconnaissance missions to hunt down and, if possible, obtain plants for your garden. Yeah, you justify it by saying "I'm just doing some pro bono pruning" and "The botanical garden will never miss that little branch." But you know you're naughty. You also know your garden looks fabulous!

Measures 2” x 2” and made in the USA. Complete iron-on instructions included. Collect them all!