Annie’s Gardening Merit Badges
Plant a Native Garden

These fun and collectible embroidered iron-on patches are for all of those gardening achievements we’ve made over the years where we’ve said: “We need a badge for that!” (Send us your funny achievement ideas and we’ll make more!)

It wasn't easy going native. You had to research your local flora, visit natives gardens for inspiration, find nurseries where the employees didn't look at you strangely when you tried to buy "weeds", and (let's not kid ourselves) there were some failures along the way. But you did it! You eschewed water-hungry, high-maintenance "garden staples" and instead planted hard-to-find, pollinator friendly, low-maintenance natives. Now you're sitting pretty in a garden filled with birds, bees, and butterflies and your hose is semi-retired – only making an appearance now and again to welcome new additions to the garden and help them get settled in. What are you going to do with all that time you're saving by not being in climate-denial? How about start a new hobby, like collecting Gardening Merit Badges? You've earned it.

Measures 2” x 2” and made in the USA. Complete iron-on instructions included. Collect them all!