Annie’s Gardening Merit Badges
Maintain Garden Log

These fun and collectible embroidered iron-on patches are for all of those gardening achievements we’ve made over the years where we’ve said: “We need a badge for that!” (Send us your funny achievement ideas and we’ll make more!)

Can you name all the varieties of fruit trees in your garden? What about all the veggies you planted this Spring? Of course you can, because you keep a garden journal! Maybe it's a digital behemoth complete with spreadsheets, line graphs, and endless hyperlinks. Or perhaps it's a dog-eared sketchbook filled with delicate watercolor paintings of every Nasturtium you've ever grown - the binding ready to burst from all the pressed flowers, leaves, and accidental aphids you've tucked inside. Whatever form it takes, good on you for being that little bit extra. Here's a badge to wear proudly so strangers know what to talk to you about, since carrying around a hulking big journal everywhere might be a little too on the nose.

Measures 2” x 2” and made in the USA. Complete iron-on instructions included. Collect them all!