Annie’s Gardening Merit Badges
Be A Butterfly Guardian

These fun and collectible embroidered iron-on patches are for all of those gardening achievements we’ve made over the years where we’ve said: “We need a badge for that!” Send us your funny achievement ideas and we’ll make more!

This one goes out to all you dedicated gardeners who have successfully reared a butterfly from egg to adulthood. It's not easy! You gotta plant nectar plants to attract amorous butterflies as well as host plants so they can "get it on". And that's only the beginning! Those juicy little caterpillars are everyone's favorite snack. Birds eat them. Toads eat them. Yellow jackets murder them, cut them into little bits, fly them back to their nests and eat them. It's a lot to deal with. So, if you've managed to beat the odds and nurture natures prettiest insect to adulthood, good on you! You deserve a badge.

Measures 2” x 2” and made in the USA. Complete iron-on instructions included. Collect them all!