Annie’s Gardening Merit Badges
Adopt a Garden Cat

These fun and collectible embroidered iron-on patches are for all of those gardening achievements we’ve made over the years where we’ve said: “We need a badge for that!” (Send us your funny achievement ideas and we’ll make more!)

If your garden feels more like a luxury retreat for feral cats – welcome to the club! This badge is for all you gardeners who have stepped up and made sure those free-range kitties are cared for. And by "cared for" we mean de-sexed and vaccinated. Even that naughty pussy that keeps eating your Nepeta tuberosa! So rude... And you know what? Treat yourself to one badge per cat. Some employees here at Annie's could make a proper quilt out of all the Cat Badges they've earned! 

Measures 2” x 2” and made in the USA. Complete iron-on instructions included. Collect them all!