Elizabeth W.
Cucumber Botanical Body Oil

Have you tried body oil as your après shower moisturizer? It’s a positively delicious and long-lasting treat to chase away dry skin and leave you feeling lustrous and polished. 

Elizabeth W’s Cucumber Botanical Body Oil is the perfect way to lock in moisture and leave skin feeling supple but not sticky. The crisp cucumber scent is both calming and focusing, great for a freshening reset any time you need to take a moment to de-stress. Made with nourishing jojoba and sweet almond oils, apply a few drops on wet skin or pour into a bath for a soothing soak. Also great for massage! Contains California Poppy (Eschscholzia californica) extract known for its healing properties.

Elizabeth W. is our favorite local CA Bay Area apothecary and has crafted wonderfully fresh smelling, natural skincare products that we can’t get enough of. Seriously, since we've been selling them, we cannot keep enough in stock!

Made in small batches. 4 oz.