Digitalis purpurea
'Dalmatian White'

A lovely white selection that produces multiple, dense, compact, 2’ tall flower spikes - not prone to falling over like taller varieties. Produces an endless array of slightly down-turned, alabaster white tubular flowers, each with a generous speckling of plum spots. Deadhead to encourage more flower spikes, with the show continuing for 3-4 months! If planted in early Spring, this variety generally blooms its first year (1-2 months after planting), otherwise it’ll bloom in late Spring the following year. Equally happy in a pot or the ground – makes a real statement when planted in a group. Prefers part sun in hotter inland regions. Plant in humus-rich soil and water regularly in the growing season. Fertilize after its first bloom to encourage the side branches to richly bloom. Makes a good cut flower if snipped right before the flowers open. May reseed. Attracts bees and hummers. Deer resistant.

Curious Plantsman

Average Water

USDA zones 5-11