Violet de Provence


Whether sequestered in your veggie garden or showcased in your flower beds, Artichoke Violet de Provence is a real treat, both in the garden and the kitchen. A French heirloom that produces showy purple blooms that will become plump, richly hued, purple globes, it is sure to delight the sensations year-round. Once the succulent buds are ready to harvest, you’ll have a treat with as fine of flavor as you might expect from any French heirloom. Plants should be spaced 18”. They will produce a looser bud with no choke, that can be harvested early in the season, generally starting in May. The plants can be cut back down to ground to produce a second round of buds six to eight week later.

Full Sun
Average Water

Perennial Edible
USDA zones 8-10