Persicaria amplexicaulis
'Golden Arrow'

This golden-leaved variety of “Mountain Fleece” combines eye-catching chartreus leaves with wands of tiny dark pink flowers for a dramatic display over a long period in Summer and early Fall. Exceptionally vigorous and a snap to grow, with some regular water it will form a free-standing clump of foliage 2’ high by 4’ wide. The feathery flower spikes rise 8-10” above the foliage, attracting hummingbirds and bees. Unlike many plants with golden foliage this beauty can take full sun on the coast and light shade inland. Equally at home in containers or planted in the ground, where it spreads slowly by underground rhizomes. An excellent choice for a slightly moist spot and its golden foliage contrasts nicely with other broadly-leafed plants. Very adaptable, it can handle clayish soils and bounces back if you miss a watering. It goes completely Winter deciduous but leafs out in Spring. Deer resistant.

Curious Plantsman

Average Water

USDA zones 5-9