Cantua buxifolia

Photo courtesy of Dan Pogust

A RARE and ever-so-desirable form of the Andean evergreen shrub C. buxifolia. Grown since pre-Columbian times and the national flower of Bolivia, “Sacred Flower of the Andes” blooms its heart out for 2-3 months in Spring with lesser blooms thereafter. Growing quickly into a dense, multi-branching 6’ x 6’ shrub with plentiful erect and arching stems and smallish deep green foliage, the beautiful 3” long flaring trumpets feature long, golden-yellow tubes opening to rich pink and white corollas. A hummingbird magnet! Keep it luxuriant season after season by growing it in rich, draining soil, side dress with 1-2” of compost in Spring and Summer and cut back to 3’ in late Summer. Can be grown in a large container (25+ gal). Hardy to 20-23F. Does not thrive in excessive heat.


Sun/Filtered Shade

Perennial Shrub
USDA zones 9b-11