Hibiscus moscheutos
‘Luna Pink Swirl’

Photo courtesy of Kexin (left)

Forget everything you know about Hibiscus when you add this sensational variety to your garden. It features pale pink flowers that measure an incredible 8” across, each with a cranberry red center and prominent white stamen. The nonstop succession of flowers is so large you can see them 20' away. Bees, hummers and butterflies certainly have no trouble finding the nectar rich flowers and though they only remain open for 2 days, blooming starts in midsummer and continues through to first frost. Plants first push out attractive, broadly ovate, bright green leaves, forming a modest-sized 2-3' high shrub.  Liking evenly moist soil and tolerant of wet areas, this sun lover will add that WOW factor to any garden bed. Perfect for containers too, especially if that lets you locate it for maximum viewing. Plant in fertile soil in full sun and cut back to 4” tall in mid-winter in order to flush out lush new growth in spring. Fertilize during bloom season for best flowering. Cold hardy to -15 F. Deer resistant.

Curious Plantsman

Average Water

Perennial Shrub
USDA zones 5-11