Lavandula angustifolia
“Culinary Lavender”

Photo by David J. Stang

This wonderfully fragrant “English Lavender” cultivar is known for its especially deep purple flowers that bloom over an unusually long season, with a second round of blooms following the initial early Summer display. Reaching up to 24” tall and 30” wide, it maintains a nice dense habit that remains ever-greyish-green in mild Winter climates. The edible flowers can be dried for use in baking as well as fragrant sachets or potpourris. Wonderful planted singly or in drifts, it also makes a lovely container herb. Not fussy about soil as long as it has excellent drainage. Cut back immediately after bloom is finished  by no more than 1/3rd - at the latest by first week in September, to maintain appearance for next season. Very cold hardy. Deer resistant.

Curious Plantsman

Full Sun
Low Water

Perennial Herb
USDA zones 5-10