Cotyledon tomentosa ssp. tomentosa
"Bear's Paw"

This sweet South African evergreen succulent features fuzzy, bright green leaves. Its common name (Bear's Paw) owes to the prominent soft teeth at the tips of its thick, wedge-like leaves. These 'claw' tips are often a dark red color. In summer, plants send up small, multi-branching spikes of lovely half inch yellow tubular flowers much admired by hummingbirds. In its native South Africa, cotyledons flourish in rocky quartz fields so give this bear's paw excellent drainage. Reaching a height of 2', this tender succulent wants full sun outdoors or a sunny window if grown indoors. One of the easiest succulents to grow, this cotyledon looks great in a decorative container. Small branchlets can be carefully separated to start new plants. Protect from winter frost if grown outdoors. Usually left alone by deer.

Curious Plantsman

Low Water

Perennial Succulent
USDA zones 10-11