Prostanthera rotundifolia
“Australian Mint Bush”

An herbal evergreen shrub from Australia prized for its deliciously fragrant foliage that smells like a cross between mint, thyme, and oregano. Use the fresh leaves to season all manner of savory or sweet dishes (just use as you would mint, thyme, or oregano), or brew them into an aromatic tea that is supposedly treats headaches and colds. Grows quickly to a 3-5’ tall and 6’ wide dense, multi-branching shrub with small, rounded, dark green foliage. Highly ornamental, in late Spring it produces an abundance of bell-shaped half inch lavender flowers, attracting bees and hummers. Adds delicious scent and year-round appeal to any herbal or ornamental garden. Plant in well-drained fertile soil in full sun (coast) to part shade (inland). Mulch in Winter to protect roots. A light prune after flowering will promote fuller blooming the next year. Low water once established. Deer resistant.

Curious Plantsman

Avg./Low Water

Short-Lived Perennial
USDA zones 9-10